What makes your heart beat faster when you hear it? When was the last time you saw an ad or heard an offer that went straight to the core of the thing you need, and did you wonder how you might replicate that precision messaging with your own audience?


Laurel Portie took the audience engagement skills she learned working in radio and television and applied them to creating attention-getting, value-packed content and ads on social media and in video. Now, she packages all that knowledge and strategy into coaching courses that make expert messaging possible for anyone.


On this episode of Preeminence Unleashed, Nic and Jeff sit down with Laurel to dig into the mindframe behind and techniques involved in creating attention-getting media, Laurel’s winning strategy for exceptional ad messaging, the miracles you can work when you zero in on that core messaging rather than the vehicle, and the ingenious way Laurel has structured her low-ticket programs. Listen in for an interview that clears away the mystery of messaging that works so you can reach your people effectively and easily.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What we collectively tend to misunderstand about what makes content valuable (and why it’s a lot simpler than we think)
  • How meeting her wife taught Laurel an important lesson in speaking specifically to your target audience
  • Why Laurel’s course ideas made her the laughingstock of the coaching community – and why those coaches stopped laughing very quickly 
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“I’ve learned so much from working in television and working with people and knowing, like, what makes people pay attention and what makes people actually turn off their remote… I have not only written promos and sat in newsrooms, but I’ve literally had my scripts torn apart not only by anchors who were like, ‘This is crap,’ but by audiences that are like, ‘That’s not really interesting.’ That’s 17 years of sitting in research groups where we’re on the other side and our audience is actually telling us what is not grabbing their attention and what’s going to make them turn off that remote. And so I just always kind of have that in the back of my head, like, what’s gonna make people literally just swipe right past my video?”


  • Laurel Portie


Horse for Sale:

90-day video marketing challenge

7-day ad coaching

How to Get Involved:

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