Have you ever been able to put a word to the motivations and philosophies that drive your behavior? There are plenty of people out there in the world of business and entrepreneurship that embody preeminence – and in recognizing and embracing the principles behind that word in their everyday lives, these people have the power to sound their impact across the globe.


Michelle Abraham serves as not only the director of the Abraham Group, but also a founding partner and the chief strategy officer of The Four Cups, an operation focused on connecting those without a voice of their own to the resources they need. As part of her expansive and diverse mission in life, Michelle is also a participant in the 1008 challenge, which has her seeking certifications in 1008 endeavors.


On this episode of Preeminence Unleashed, Nic, Jeff and Michelle break down Michelle’s unconventional and eclectic start with the Abraham Group, what operating with preeminence means to the organization and to her, getting to the heart of how actual value is exchanged (within a business and without), and the growing culture of contributing without expectations. Listen in for wisdom from a driving force behind one of the world’s truly legendary names.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What building a legacy looks like to people in various positions, and the mindset that shapes each person’s perception of the legacy they want to leave
  • How the organizations that Michelle engages with go about the business of leaving a positive mark on the entire world
  • Why Michelle’s dog is one of her best tools for observing and interpreting people’s behavior
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“It’s the name of your show, it’s preeminence. But it’s preeminence in the fact that they realize they’re exchanging energy for a result. And then, you know, most everyone that we work with has to have a desire to produce a value that outweighs what they’re receiving. And there’s building trust and being an advocate for your clients, your industry, creating the standards of which the rest of the industry should adhere to. And that’s above and beyond. We preach it, we live it. You know, sometimes we all mess up, and we might miss the mark a little bit. But the essence is not when you mess up, it’s what you do when you mess up.”


  • Michelle Abraham


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Nic Peterson and Jeff Moore are endlessly fascinated with the mindsets and practices that make smart, successful people tick – and they work closely with other entrepreneurs, business owners and service providers to put those habits and perspectives into action, making preeminence the cornerstone of every move forward.


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