What’s your gut reaction when someone asks you how work is going? If the first thing you feel is dread or anxiety, you need to examine what might be causing you to feel that way. One of the most common reasons we feel constantly overwhelmed or unfulfilled in our career is a lack of alignment or understanding of the value we bring to the table.


Blake Schofield is the Founder of Connections Illuminated, a mom of three and a former corporate executive of 18 years – she now helps heart-centered, driven women leverage their skills and passions to create a fulfilling career and a fulfilling life, transforming overwhelm and anxiety into clarity, purpose, control and flow. 


On this episode of Preeminence Unleashed, Nic, Jeff and Blake break down how Blake helps women at career crossroads stand in their value and find real fulfillment for themselves in their work, the myths and misconceptions that keep us from pursuing a life that truly fits us and keeps us energized and joyful, and finding prosperity and clarity in the midst of an unbelievably challenging year. Tune in for an episode that will calm, uplift, and motivate you to explore your own value.

What You’ll Learn:


  • Why Blake says that the mission behind the work she does actually began when she was around 7 years old, and how her mother’s story inspired her
  • What the signs look like that will tell you it’s time for a change in your life and career, and how to spot them in your day-to-day
  • How Blake reframed the way she serves her clients to adapt to their new needs in the time of COVID, and the impact and growth she has seen in those clients since (in spite of 2020’s challenges)
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:


“I’m so proud of the work that my clients have been doing. Because ultimately, they’re taking the tools that they’re being given and the support they’re being given, and they’re applying it, and they’re getting the results. But it’s not just that, it’s watching these women recognize that they can get back to that peak of their career when they were confident, they felt like there were no barriers, they were excited and energized and passionate to get up to go to work. And they are in organizations and in roles that align with their natural skills and gifts, and they feel valued in that work. And ultimately, I know that this initial result they’re getting is just the beginning for them.”


  • Blake Schofield


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Nic Peterson and Jeff Moore are endlessly fascinated with the mindsets and practices that make smart, successful people tick – and they work closely with other entrepreneurs, business owners and service providers to put those habits and perspectives into action, making preeminence the cornerstone of every move forward.


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