When does your commitment to your clients’ success start? More importantly, at what point does that commitment stop – or just fall short?


Tony Banta’s beginnings as a software engineer working in large corporations and enterprises taught him that no amount of fancy gadgets or high-level code could fix inherent leadership and operational issues. Armed with that knowledge, Tony moved into the online consulting world and developed Legendary Client Leaders (among other brilliant programs), which aims to help entrepreneurs and business owners make actual client success a priority.


On this episode of Preeminence Unleashed, Nic and Jeff interview Tony on the tough-love aspect of choosing clients and engineering their success, when and how to set expectations for your clients, and the wasteful flip side to the technology that most of us rely on to get things done. Tune in to stop losing clients to ineffective practices and miscommunications.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why bringing on as many clients as possible and keeping them forever shouldn’t be your focus as a service provider (and what your top priority should actually be)
  • How to pinpoint when your clients aren’t being truthful and call them on it with grace, honesty and the intent to help
  • What Tony and his team have developed to cut through the complexity and confusion of the numerous technology platforms we all use and keep productivity and utility at the center
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“A legendary client leader is… a preeminent leader. It’s someone who has the courage to do and say the unpopular thing. But that is actually grounded in deep service and deep caring of your clients. Sometimes it doesn’t make you popular, you know, oftentimes, it doesn’t make you popular in the moment. You and I have both been in situations where we’ve said things to people and people have said, ‘You say things like that and I want to punch you.’ Sometimes that’s what has to happen for you to serve someone to truly great results. I think of it as simply having the courage to be the most honest person in someone’s life.”

  • Tony Banta


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Legendary Client Leaders 



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