How many of your customers use the thing you just sold them? If you’re not sure, here’s the answer: way fewer than you were hoping for. While that’s probably far from what you were hoping to hear, there are ways to fix low engagement with a little insight and a few tweaks to your message.


On this episode of the Preeminence Unleashed podcast, Jeff and Nic dive into the idea and practice of consumption messaging, including how to change your message to boost actual engagement with the thing you’re offering, easy and actionable ways to use these foundational ideas as soon as your next Zoom call, and how people make decisions when they’re uncertain (and how to use this newfound knowledge to your advantage). Listen in for the most impactful steps you can take towards not only selling to clients, but making sure that what they’re buying does them some good.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the fact that the customer bought your product isn’t the most important part of the sale (and what is)
  • How the assumptions we naturally make cripple our relationships with our clients and customers – and make us lose a lot of money
  • What you can do to close “black holes” in your messaging or access points to prevent confusion as people try to reach you
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“When you can express somebody’s needs, desires, challenges, fears and aspirations better than they can to themselves, you’ve passed the tipping point of being their trusted advisor. And if you continue to do that, and express to them their needs, tell their story better than they can in themselves, they’re going to always come back to you. They’re always going to wonder what you’re going to say next, because it’s going to take them on an adventure.”


  • Jeff Moore


How to Get Involved:

Nic Peterson and Jeff Moore are endlessly fascinated with the mindsets and practices that make smart, successful people tick – and they work closely with other entrepreneurs, business owners and service providers to put those habits and perspectives into action, making preeminence the cornerstone of every move forward.


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