In a landscape of service businesses and agencies that have taken the focus off actual problem solving, who do you go to for insight you could actually use?


Timothy Dick is a serial entrepreneur, having been a founding partner of Hostgator, founder and CEO of VOIPO, CEO of an ecommerce company and founder and CEO of ProfitLayer, as well as an angel investor and partner in several other companies.


On this episode of the Preeminence Unleashed podcast, Jeff and Nic sit down with Tim to talk about the origin of his entrepreneurial journey from a small town in West Virginia, giving customers and clients a positive and valuable agency experience, and the magic that happens when Tim digs down past the surface layer into a client’s business on his coveted Office Days. Listen in for wisdom from a guy who has been collecting knowledge, honing his insight and constantly outdoing himself since childhood.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Tim, as a middle schooler, navigated past the common feeling of pricing anxiety (and came up with a $5,000 product)
  • What metrics of success or progress we tend to focus on that aren’t really getting us anywhere, and how we can shift our focus
  • Why the most valuable part of the time Tim spends with clients hinges on the phrase, “It depends.”
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“I think that just having the business experience – and also being able to help people figure out what is realistic, you know, what to expect. Because, you know, I’ve had successes, I’ve had failures, I’ve seen the insides of so many companies, and being able to just kind of apply that… For the agency, one of our biggest goals is to limit losses and to really look at things. I mean, everybody wants to grow, but you have to balance that with risk management.


  • Timothy Dick


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