Taking a page out of Dan Nicholson’s book…. (This is a forcing function) I’m going to be lining out and breaking down all of the frameworks and checklists I use frequently. The Barbell Mitigating risk and maintaining upside or creatine positive asymmetry MED v MRV Having your cake and eating, too Explore v Exploit How to make decisions that lead tot he highest probability of a favorable outcome Diffusion Frameworks How ideas actually spread and how each person has a different role (hint: know your role and you will thrive) Optimal Stopping When to stop searching and make a decision And of course, few more 😉 There is a structure to how this is getting delivered: First, the early adopters and industry leaders get it (That’s our Private Clients) It’s important to us that the trusted providers and our Network members are always a few steps ahead because they are really good at what they do and we want real experts to be ahead. The world is a better place for it. Then, it gets broken down with real world examples in the direct mail newsletter. It’s important that fundamental information is not being consumed while distracted by Facebook and otherwise. Fragmented attention is what got most marketers and business owners into their problems in the first place, lol. Then… Eventually it gets simplified to general videos and podcast interviews/episodes. AND Soon(ish) this Facebook group may or may not disappear. So here’s the steps: If you are truly and industry leader looking to stay ahead, just reach out. If you want a solid foundation and a business that is future proof and set up for the long game, join the Direct Mail newsletter. If you can’t spent a few bucks a month to future proof your business, yikes. BUT the podcast will be Fire (same with Youtube) so you can hang out over there. AND If you just want general principles without the concrete business application, join the free daily Thought Bombs. =) — I love comments. I make this content specifically to help people, with no expectations. Please take a second and say ‘Hi’ in the comments and let me and know what you thought of the content… and p.s. It would mean the world to me if you hit the subscribe button. ???? — Free Training From Nic Peterson: Climb inside my head, see what I’m learning and thinking in real time. Use it to propel your business forward. https://nicpeterson.com/bombs — I am a serial entrepreneur (mostly because I am hopelessly curious about all things) and am fortunate to own a few world-class companies with world-class partners clients. I have a simple website because I’m a pretty simple guy. I like to read. I love interesting and challenging conversations and my passion is helping business owners scale their business AND doing it in a way that fulfills their life’s purpose and is enjoyable. The rest of my time goes to my boys, Jasper and Tundra. They are brothers. They are half-wolf, half-husky. And they are 100% awesome. If you came here for shortcuts, bio-hacks or “tactics” you came to the wrong place. The process is the shortcut. If you came here because you want to build a strong business, examine a life well-lived or focus on wisdom in decision making…welcome. — How to find me out there in the world… instagram = https://instagram.com/nicpeterson23 facebook = https://facebook.com/groups/VelocityMethod/ iTunes = https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/maximum-productivity-and-profit/id1478158369 youtube = https://youtube.com/channel/UC2TEx33S_rOZ0EOt606KCcA linkedin = https://linkedin.com/in/nic-peterson