“I remember visiting you a couple times and looking out and thinking, man, you’re living this unique life that is really cool, how magnanimous that is and what the steps are in between.” – Jeff Moore


Steve Sims is a guy who is really, really good at making things happen. Or at least, that’s the Cliff Notes version. Over the years, Steve has perfected the art of meeting the right people, connecting with them, and staying authentic. He put his skills to use building Bluefish, a company that provides one-of-a-kind experiences to its clients. Bluefish became the book, Bluefishing, which reached international acclaim (but don’t ask Steve where Taipei is), which has opened up more and more opportunities.


“I wake up in the morning, I look around at my family and just rejoice that it’s my morning, and what am I going to conquer? If I can wake up in the morning, I’ve already got an unfair advantage to win.” – Steve Sims


And all this from a guy who grew up in East London, destined to become a bricklayer. Steve relates that his grandfather told him, “If you don’t get out today, you’re me tomorrow.” He quit immediately, and recalls that he had simply felt out of place and wanted more for his life. From there, Steve’s path took him to a short-lived job in finance, and then to a job as a bouncer in Hong Kong, where Bluefishing was conceptualized.


As he went on, Steve found that his success came when he stayed humble and authentic, and this lesson came after Bluefish took a big nosedive. With this story, he relates the importance of resilience after failure and the story of how he met Claire, his wife and ultimate teammate.


“Go into a bar on a Friday night, and you’re next to millionaires and billionaires. The talent is how you communicate with them. How do you relate, connect, how do you make it irresistible to the point that they don’t want you to leave the bar stool? It takes you back to building relationships, building credibility, and connecting with someone.” – Steve Sims


Steve’s current endeavors include a fresh new course on networking and meeting high net-worth clients – as well as the crucial skill of becoming, not doing – and a podcast based on the ideas behind Bluefish. He also runs Speakeasies, events that bring together smart people and valuable learning. Although he curates all these interesting, intelligent people, Steve notes that he still feels humbled to be among them, and lets everyone listening in to this episode know, “You’re already out of excuses.”


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Steve’s Mornings – 1:30
  • Origin Story – 3:15
  • Moments of Doubt – 7:35
  • Claire and Steve – 10:30
  • Bluefishing – 13:30
  • Jesse Itzler + Steve – 17:00
  • Current Doings and the Course Philosophy – 19:25
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways – 30:00


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