“The most effective marketing is understanding where people are coming from and just saying, ‘Hey, I get you’.”


We hear the word “marketing” a lot. How many of us actually understand what it is? This week on Preeminence Unleashed, Nic and Jeff set out to define marketing and what it means.


Nic points out the number of times he’s been told “You’re so good at marketing,” even though that’s not how he defined himself, and the truth of the matter – that he’s laser-focused on becoming more aware of the way people think and behave, and why so. The key piece, according to Nic, is proactive empathy. Being able to say the things people feel but cannot articulate, and devotion to understanding what those things are, constantly.


Jeff adds his perspective:

  • Marketing is everything: the before unit, the during unit, and the after unit
  • The purpose of marketing is to drive new, increased, and/or profitable consumption of your product, service or message
  • True growth = new business – lost business + penetration over last year’s business


“When you can articulate the needs, desires, challenges, fears, and aspirations of the other person – not better than they can to you, but better than they can to themselves, you have now passed the tipping point of being their trusted advisor. All you need to do from now on is communicate with them with that level of understanding, and you will be their trusted advisor for life.”


Humans, at their base, share the same universal frustration: We do not feel understood. The reason Nic is good at what he does is that he is a human that cares and helps people elevate and upgrade their lives.


“Marketing is solving somebody’s problem. Not trying to enroll people or take somebody’s money to solve your problem.” – Nic


Being a trusted advisor is being able to tell people what is best for them. How does this happen? Understanding is the key. Removing judgment and re-adjusting your perspective to get in people’s heads. Not what they tell you, but what’s really going on.  


Preeminence is not “How can I help you,” but instead being a student of the people you serve. Take your experiences serving and use them to elevate the lives of the people you encounter.


“In the end, it’s going to be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”


Nic reflects on the 23 questions he learned from Jeff that force you to puzzle through what’s really going on in client’s lives. If you go through these questions for your clients, then rinse and repeat, you’ll end up with a heightened understanding of each client –  which makes you the obvious choice to help.


Learned helplessness puts your clients in a state of “Screw it, I’m done,” and hearing about challenges and victories over them is what brings clients to the point where they trust you and can motivate themselves to make a change. If you can be the one to tell them about those victories, you’re in the best position to earn their trust.


The guys describe the Best Process call that Nic guides clients through, and the Deep Impact process, and why these allow them to go beyond the obvious and do the extra work to understand and thereby serve their people.


The Deep Impact sheet is available for members of the Vault and listeners of this podcast at preeminenceunleashed.com/impact. Go fill out the sheet and find out which parts of it are difficult, look at the people you’ve already worked with and let your experiences with them help you focus in.


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Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Nic + Marketing – 1.05
  • Proactive Empathy – 1:50
  • The Growth Formula – 3:15
  • The Universal Communication Problem – 4:15
  • Ask Not “How Can I Help?” – 9:25
  • Deep Impact – 10:45
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways – 30:00


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