“When there’s drag, you’re never going to win the race. The harder you drive, the greater the friction and the more power it puts against you.”

Jeff Moore (48:42-49:01)

Business owners often push back against friction, thinking they can overcome it through sheer force. Ignoring the friction in your business keeps you from reaching your goals and doing the things you love, leading to burnout.

Overcoming friction creates efficiency and yields energy to the things that matter. The greater the friction in our work, the more energy we expend during the day and the less energy we have for the things we love to do. That becomes a new source of friction, creating a snowball effect that can wipe your business out if you’re not careful.

“If you’re able to do the things you love, what are the chances you’ll be more creative and make a bigger impact? It’s an obligation for you to eliminate friction in your business.” – Jeff Moore (48:23-48:38)

Are You Running the Wrong Race?

There’s no shortage of entrepreneurs spending too much time doing things they hate. People who specialize in writing copy struggle when they have to create videos for marketing campaigns. Web designers might be grinding their way through writing sales letters.

But they’re running the wrong race. They’re channeling their energy into things that take them significantly longer to do than someone better equipped for the job. What if they focused on what they’re good at? Chances are, they’d make a lot more and perform at a higher level at a higher volume. You’ll never win a race you don’t want to be in.

Develop Intentionality in Everything You Do

Simplifying any message makes it more compelling. The same applies when you’re creating intentionality in your work. State your intention clearly and in a way that carries you forward. Get rid of the jargon and create a message that others can easily understand.

“The fastest way to get to where you want to go is to take your foot off the brake. That’s the highest leverage and most efficient thing you can do.”

– Nic Peterson (49:10-49:28)

Defining your role creates an obligation to fulfill that role. There are key questions to ask when going through this process…

  • What is the highest leverage role you’re playing?
  • Why is that the role and how is it serving you?
  • What are the non-negotiable rules you play by?
  • What is the one piece of advice you can offer that’s rooted in your own abilities and superpower?

Anyone who one sits down and answers these questions creates more intention in the role they’re playing at work, home, and in their community. Integrity is established alongside that intention. You create an obligation to everyone around you to show up as who you say you are. Others start to expect it of you, further enhancing your intentionality.

Doing What You Love in Business

Any drag in your day-to-day activities keeps you from doing the things you love and growing a successful business. Eliminating friction lets you be more creative and have a bigger impact on the people you serve. It’s every business owner’s obligation to identify and eliminate the limiting factors.

The harder you push back against friction, the greater it will be, and the more power it will exert back at you. Taking your foot off the brake is the fastest way to get to where you want to be. For today’s entrepreneurs, that’s the highest leverage and most efficient thing you can do to grow a thriving business.

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