“I realized this is the missing piece – beyond Facebook, beyond funnels and webinars, messaging is what is holding these phenomenal service providers back.”


On this episode of Preeminence Unleashed, Nic and Jeff sit down to talk over the importance of effective messaging, and its potential for unbelievable positive impact.


Even the best service providers out there, people who are growing and pivoting constantly, will experience a moment at which they realize they can no longer clearly describe what they do. At that point, just a couple of small tweaks to their messaging can yield mind-blowing results for conversion rates and revenue. The ability to simply and effectively tell others what you do, how you do it, and for whom is crucial.


“To watch somebody, as we’re doing the messaging, light up…They’ve just become something more. That’s where messaging just excites the hell out of me.”


To put it Nic’s way, “More complicated almost never means more effective”. One of the most important steps in Jeff’s ValYou Discovery process is implementing “Via Negativa” – taking things away. When you stop reaching for the esoteric and adding more to your messaging, you can articulate what you need to far more effectively. Jeff points to John Lee Dumas’ policy of condensing messaging down to 50 words or less, trimming away redundancies and unclear language.


The ValYou Discovery session is a world-class force multiplier. It helps your clients and the people around you evangelize you well – you give people the tools to refer to you. If they can see your vision, they can share it. When you write a Compelling Introduction as part of this process, you outline:


  • Who you are + what you do
  • Who is your client (singular – the closest thing to “anyone” is “no one”)
  • What is that thing you provide that makes you different?
  • How do people brag about you?


“This is our mission. We want somebody to come in and be the subject of their feel-felt-found.”


Jeff points out that all bragging is done in “feel-felt-found” language. No one is going to evangelize you and tell their friends simply that you’re smart. They’ll talk about the journey you took them on and how your service made a difference to them. The mechanism says, “I know how you feel, I felt the same way, I found this person who helped me.”


The last question in the Compelling Introduction is, “What do you do that makes you the best in the world in the eyes of your customer?”

Hint: There’s a right answer, but Nic and Jeff are keeping mum about it until a later episode! For now, check out the training in The Vault (check out preeminenceunleashed.com/valyou) to see Jeff work.


That’s just the beginning. Stick around each week for actionable advice and valuable extras from Nic, Jeff, and expert guests.


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:


  • Introduction – 0:00
  • The Importance of Messaging – 5:00
  • Cut it to 50 Words – 6:55
  • The Referral Tool – 9:30
  • Compelling Introductions Origin – 12:30
  • Feel-Felt-Found – 14:05
  • Teasers for Next Episode – 15:20
  • The Vault + ValYou – 15:55
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways – 18:25

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