“Then suddenly, your followers on Instagram grew by the thousands… And you’ve done this without using any programs or services.”

Jeff Moore (15:1315:37)

Why you need an audience.

In order to have the impact and influence that you want to have, you need to have an audience. Otherwise, you could be creating and sharing some amazing content, but it won’t really have the kind of effect that it should have. Whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or through your own channels like a podcast or blog, you need to build a following if you want to generate revenue, or even just provide content to help people solve a problem.

“You don’t have to be great everywhere. Find the place you show up the best.”  – Nic Peterson (18:0118:05)

However, it isn’t enough to have a large following. You want an audience that is engaged, people that are resonating with what you’re saying, and people that are applying the tips and strategies that you’re sharing.

3 Tips to Grow an Audience Quickly.

Pick Your Channel – Don’t try to show up everywhere. Find out which platforms or mediums are most widely used by your target audience, and focus on those. You might have to try a couple of different platforms to figure out where to connect with the people you’re looking for, but once you do, you’ll experience rapid growth in followers.

Keep it Simple – People on social media often like content that is actionable and easy to understand. They’re not interested in the “why” or “how,” as much as they are in the “what.” They know the result they want to see, and what they want from you is to explain to them in simple terms how to achieve those outcomes. If you’re creating content, whether it’s a blog post or a podcast episode, go through it and pick out the parts that are actionable to share on social media.

Build the Right Relationships – Knowing the right people makes it much easier to grow an audience.  Find people in a complementary niche or industry with a similar followers. Get on podcasts or Facebook Lives with others that are reaching the same audience. Some of their followers will probably be interested in following you as well. The key is to build relationships with other marketers or entrepreneurs and demonstrate that having you on their podcast or Facebook Live will benefit them as well.

“Being the best at what you do and being famous are two different things. The most famous is not always the best. Are you optimizing to be famous, or are you optimizing to be the best?”  

– Nic Peterson (7:368:00) To grow your audience, post content that is easy to understand, apply, and share. Listen to this week’s episode of Preeminence Unleashed to learn more about how to grow an audience of engaged social media followers.

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