“Be confident and ready in any situation to make your offer, be it in a stadium or a one-on-one conversation.”

Lisa Sasevich (20:16-20:27)

Many mission-driven entrepreneurs, such as coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, and service professionals, want to make a difference in the lives of others but don’t want to have to sell.

Renowned business mentor Lisa Sasevich has a solution for them. She assures these entrepreneurs that they don’t actually need to sell if they have an irresistible offer already prepared that is neither pushy or salesy but that invites pursuit.

Helping entrepreneurs nail down that offer is her mission.

“What we’re really good at is showing you the formula to make your intangible service feel so tangible that the folks who need you have the confidence to say ‘yes’ on the spot.”  -Lisa Sasevich (7:21-7:35)Lisa herself has given the same talk over and over for ten years. To prepare for a new event, she swaps out some of the testimonials and examples to fit the audience she will be speaking to. Having this speech ready to go enables her to readily say “yes” to opportunities because she needs so little time to prepare.

Lisa teaches others how to prepare their own signature speech in her Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp on her website.

Lisa’s Bootcamp is for you, if you would like to:

  • Attract more clients by speaking, whether to a live audience or in everyday situations like networking groups, Facebook Lives, and podcasts.
  • Position yourself to establish trust and connect with your audience.
  • Create an irresistible offer.
  • Naturally transition to your offer by crafting a compelling story designed to leave your ideal client wanting more and primed to work with you.
  • Use a proven structure, not a word-for-word script, that sells for you, allowing you to be in the moment while still delivering a talk that sells.

“Know your offer, make it irresistible, and then have a presentation to lead to it.”   -Lisa Sasevich (15:05-15:15)Having the Speak-to-Sell formula enables you to shift as the cultural trends shift. Remember the big guns who were on MySpace? Where are they now? They’re on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube because they knew how to move their message from one platform to another.

Learn how to sell without selling. When you have the words to describe your product or offer in a way that profoundly resonates with your ideal client, they’ll be compelled to say yes without hesitation.

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