“In most masterminds, one person is the hub and everyone else is the spokes. But everyone should be the hub with access to everyone else.”

Jeff Moore (12:26-12:44)

Business owners join masterminds to connect with other entrepreneurs, establish accountability, and leverage each other’s insights and expertise. Masterminds meet online or through in-person meetups and retreats. These meetings add horsepower to your business engine, giving entrepreneurs a much-needed tune-up that helps them reach their goals faster. But the word “mastermind” is one of the most misunderstood business buzzwords out there today. When they’re done strategically, mastermind retreats improve over time with each meeting elevating into something more.

Curation Creates a Powerful Mastermind Network

The key to creating a powerful network is to deliver valuable content, resources, and tools. Like a fine art museum that doesn’t try to just pack everything in at once, your mastermind has to be curated in a way that offers members something they won’t find anywhere else. It must help them become the absolute best at what they do.

“Serving people at the highest level and being famous are two different things. The most famous is not always the best.”

– Nic Peterson (7:41-7:57)

Mastermind retreats let you sit down with people who want to be the best in serving others. This creates a collective momentum that fuels every member’s growth. While most business “gurus” focus on visibility, likes, shares, and other vanity metrics, successful entrepreneurs know that serving others at the highest level isn’t the same as being famous. The most famous business leaders aren’t always the best, and just because you’ve never heard of someone doesn’t mean they don’t provide tremendous service to their audience.

Building and Leveraging the Collective MomentumThe collective momentum that masterminds and retreats create is what takes your network to a new level of service so you’re always becoming better at what you do. Traditional masterminds position one person as the hub. But a more effective strategy is to view everyone as hubs, giving each member access to the entire network.

Curate the conversations and connections that come from your mastermind meetings. This moves entrepreneurs away from abstract theory and towards the practical applications that actually grow their audiences. Growth isn’t something you can force in your business. Trying to force growth beyond your capacity to scale throws you and your business out of balance. You might reach the goals you’ve set, but at the expense of your personal relationships, health, and professional fulfillment.

“You can’t force growth… force creates counterforce. It’s really about removing the limiting factors.” – Nic Peterson (26:39-27:03)

Having the right mastermind network helps you answer the important questions that consistently move you forward. You get clear on the real reason why you do everything you do, and you discover what’s important to you.

The relationships you develop with your network provide thousands of touch points that benefit your business. As the mastermind group becomes better at serving others, your ability to serve skyrockets, and you achieve lasting growth in the process.

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