“If you can learn to serve people, then it doesn’t matter what you do…you’re going to be successful.” – Brooke Elder (33:01-33:05)Nic Peterson & Jeff Moore

Preeminence Unleashed

Network marketing businesses help new entrepreneurs serve others and build brands that give them the financial freedom and professional fulfillment they’ve always wanted. But it requires a unique set of skills to achieve long-term growth and success.

Brooke Elder helps entrepreneurs create purpose-driven businesses by applying proven marketing strategies to network marketing. She began her entrepreneurial journey selling for Mary Kay and soon took her skills and expertise to Scentsy, becoming one of the company’s top earners. Brooke created a training system exclusively for her team. Her system was so effective that she eventually had 10,000 people going through her training. She took the idea of helping others grow their own network marketing businesses and created a successful coaching practice.

“Network marketing is just a tool in the toolbox. It’s not the whole business…it’s just a tool you have.” – Brooke Elder (18:16-18:27)There’s a mindset shift when you begin to see yourself as an entrepreneur. You take on a new perspective that influences how you make decisions and the actions you take each day. The purpose-driven entrepreneur begins from a place of serving others without having to gain something in return. You’re more likely to provide higher value to your clients and customers when you want to serve them.

Build a Business by Serving Others and Solving ProblemsWhen crafting your message, it’s crucial to keep the problems your offer solves at the forefront of your focus. Your target audience will be more receptive to your message if they are able to see the ways it will benefit them. If you position yourself as someone who is here to serve others, then you’ll always find new ways to provide service and grow. Don’t sell to satisfy your own needs. Instead, develop your ability to innovate and continually look for new ways to solve the problems of your audience.

Many new network marketers, and entrepreneurs, come from a place of desperation and survival. Creating a business can feel like the best way to gain freedom and increase income. However, when trapped in survival mode decisions come from a place of scarcity, instead of wisdom, and sometimes boldness, making decisions needed to help a business to thrive.  

“Preeminence is not about falling in love with your product, it’s about falling in love with your client.” – Jeff Moore (14:12-14:20)

It takes a special kind of person to succeed in network marketing. That’s why the success rate is low compared to other businesses. Knowing what it takes to succeed in network marketing helps you develop the skills and traits that help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Successful network marketers know there’s something more out there for them, and they understand the importance of authenticity in business. They’re willing to do things differently and rebel against conventional ways of doing business. But more importantly, they have the heart to serve. Regardless of your product, offer, or business model, building a purpose-driven business driven by serving others is an unstoppable way to grow a thriving and sustainable business.

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