“We have income equality when we make our own income. Decide what you want to earn and charge that.”

– Samantha Hartley (29:03-29:09)Nic Peterson & Jeff Moore

Preeminence Unleashed


Consultants provide an invaluable service to today’s businesses. But many consultants sell themselves short. They secure a handful of clients, but they struggle to move to the next level of success.


Samantha Hartley helps women consultants and experts stop under-earning and get bigger results working with bigger clients while delivering greater value. Consultants learn how to bring confidence and certainty into every meeting they have with clients and show their true value every time.

You can’t affect change in an organization in less than a year. It won’t stick.” – Samantha Hartley (19:58-20:06)Today’s consultants have the tools and resources to do the work they want. But they don’t always live up to their potential, and they remain stuck doing too much work for too little pay. They work with clients who don’t see the value of the services they provide. They develop a habit of playing small, charging low fees and selling smaller packages than they should. They don’t raise their fees out of fear that clients will stop working with them.


Most consultants underprice their services. Even consultants who’ve come out of the corporate world and are used to making six figures end up settling for below average fees when going out on their own.

Playing a Bigger Consulting Game


The most successful consultants are those who gain the tools, skills, beliefs, support, and guidance they need to build their businesses and work with the right clients.


Looking at the metrics of your business is the biggest step you can take to achieve better results. However, many consultants are intimidated by the numbers. When you avoid analyzing the numbers, it becomes impossible to create and reach financial goals. Subsequently, consultants become attached to lower fees and are uncomfortable asking for and receiving what they’re worth.


“A consultant leads clients as their trusted advisor. If they need something better, tell them they need it. And if you can provide it, offer to provide it.” – Nic Peterson (44:23-44:35)

When you walk clients through their own numbers, you show them how much their problem is costing their business. You then position yourself as the obvious choice to solve that problem. For some businesses, problems could be worth millions of dollars in lost revenue.


Undercharging your clients hurts your credibility. Clients may not trust that you can solve their problem and fulfill the promises you’ve made. By charging what you’re worth, you emphasize the importance of the services or products you provide. You differentiate yourself from your competitors, and you enhance your credibility and expertise.


You can create the consulting business you’ve always dreamed of when you get amazing results for your clients and start trusting the universe when taking risks. When you implement what you learn, you create a work life that matches your vision and helps your clients turn theirs into a reality.


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