“Preeminence is the highest form of leadership.” – Jeff Moore (34:49-34:55)Nic Peterson & Jeff Moore

Preeminence Unleashed


The Sales You Achieve Tomorrow Are the Result of Your Actions Today


Your business success depends on the value you provide your customers and the relationships you develop over time. Preeminence, the quality of being superior to all other options, is one of the most valuable traits you can infuse into your business.


Today’s successful businesses create opportunities by fully giving of themselves and offering ongoing value to their customers. Rather than focus strictly on the bottom line, they focus on long-term growth and sustainability. More importantly, they find that when they stop worrying about losing money, they no longer have that problem. They prioritize the needs of the customers to ensure that the business is always positioned as their first and obvious choice.

“The number one priority for the culture of your company is to take care of the customer.” – Jeff Moore (13:31-13:36)A common mistake that business owners make is thinking they have to make a sale today. They fail to realize that a sale may come further down the line. Whether it’s six days or six months later, the sales you achieve are the result of your actions today. A strategy built on preeminence is one that leads to long-term growth, reducing marketing costs and amplifying the results you achieve. When you treat people well and give them options that help them meet their personal or professional goals, then achieving results simply becomes a matter of time.


Make Preeminence Part of Your Business CulturePreeminence means taking care of the customers first and working out the other “stuff” later. It is believing in gaining lifetime customers and clients. Taking care of the customer should be the primary goal of your company’s culture. The impact of business culture can be seen in the countless companies that are bought out by larger ones. The new company takes over and fails to manage the organization in a way that maintains the momentum and success it’s already achieved. They lose sight of the truly important details and quickly see diminishing results.


By taking care of clients and customers as well as your employees, vendors, and other members of your organization, you build trust around your business. Trust creates momentum. Rather than see yourself as your company’s representative to your customers, flip the script and become your customer’s representative to your company. The quality of preeminence must exist in everything you do. It should extend beyond your business and exist in your personal relationships. Preeminence becomes a way of being that supports the results you achieve in all areas of your life.

Preeminence is not a business tactic, it’s a life strategy.” – Nic Peterson (35:44-35:49) You attract success through the person you become. But you must see yourself through the eyes of clients and customers. Having a clear and compelling introduction clarifies the value your business offers. You need to articulate what you do, who you do it for, and how customers benefit from working with you. This helps others see the character of your business, its leadership, and its value propositions.


It’s hard for business owners to see the consequences of what they do when they’re tied up in the daily tasks that come with running a business. It’s crucial to have a community around you that supports your ongoing efforts to achieve success in your industry. An entrepreneur alone is an entrepreneur at risk. A community built on the principle of preeminence supports everything you do and creates a business culture that fosters collaboration, service to your customers, and a shared vision.


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