When it comes to programs, services and “ideas” on how to scale your business, everyone is always talking about ways to go faster… 

…how to scale by pushing harder and harder on the gas pedal. 

Here’s the reality: 99% of business owners are wasting energy on these methods and tactics because they still have the e-brake on.

This provides a tremndous opportunity for business owners looking ot get ahead:

Since everyone is using the same “growth tactics”, the one(s) that focus on REMOVING the E-brake are at a massive advantage. 

This is exactly why we are able to win repeatedly in over 23 different industries without “world class” marketing and sales efforts. 

And this is exactly why we built the Velocity Method. 

A Look Inside The Velocity Method:

The Velocity Method is an underlying fundamental business framework that will make any company exponentially more productive. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Prioritize-> Each department must identify what the limit to scale is. If the limit is not removed, nothing else will matter much. 


  • Align-> The entire team must be aligned in how they are going to remove the limit. Tasks must be delegated out with an appropriate “size” and agreed upon “complete criteria”.  If we cannot agree on what complete looks like, we cannot achieve things together. 

  • Do -> Each person in the company must DO the things they were tasked to complete criteria. 

  • Adapt -> This is the crucial component that every company is missing. The company must adapt to what happens in the real world. 

Using The “Rate Limiter” As a Filter

It’s not uncommon for an entrepreneur to solve 100 problems in a week. 

The question isn’t whether we can solve problems. The question is, instead, what problems should we actually solve and in what order?

In identifying the “Rate Limiter” or the e-brake on our business we also give ourselves a filter. 

If the rate limiter is “client retention” every problem now get run through this singular filter. 

That is to say that every new action everyone in the company takes should be run through the filter:

“Does this increase client retention?”

If not, it gets shelved. 

Once the rate limiter is removed there needs to be a process to implement systems, operations and tight feedback loops so that it never becomes a limit again. 

Rinse. Repeat. 

Here’s the magic in the Velocity Method:

The brakes get removed systematically. 

Systems and processes are built WITHOUT slowing the down or losing momentum. 

And EVERYONE ELSE is still stuck pushing harder on the gas pedal


How To Get Started With The Velocity Method:

First, focus on the identifying the Limit To Scale. 

There are a million and one things you could focus on. At the end of the day, if you don’t remove the kink in the hose the throughput does not improve. 

Second, get your team aligned and craft a plan on how to remove the limit. 

Get all parties involved rowing in the same direction and agreed upon complete criteria. As any parent knows, kids often have a different definition of a “clean room” than an adult. Agree on what “complete” looks like before starting the project. 

Third, for a week, focus only on removing the single limit. 

All additional efforts, outside of the day to day, should be directed at removing the limit to scale. 

Then, get back with your team and adapt. 

Did we miss deadlines? If so, why? And how to adapt our process to predict and execute faster? Is someone on your team better suited for one task than another?

Most importantly, don’t make any drastic changes outside of this Framework. 

Velocity is designed to give you control AND speed but every move must be measured and managed. 

Check out the video above to see how it worked for us. 

If you would like to talk to about how the Velocity Method might work for you or need help identifying the rate limiter in your business you can fill out an application and I’m happy to help identify and build a blueprint for you at no cost.

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